Terrain Engine 2D  1.09
A 2D Block Engine
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CBlockDataBlock data to be saved to file
 CBlockGridMeshA grid based mesh for rendering the world blocks
 CBlockInfoInformation of each block type
 CBlockLayerA layer holding block type info and block data for the world
 CCameraControllerBasic camera controller for camera movement
 CChunkA chunk of blocks for world rendering and collider generation
 CChunkLoaderHandles chunk loading and unloading
 CColliderGeneratorGenerates collider paths for the PolygonCollider2D on the chunk
 CCursorFollowerFollows the cursor
 CFluidBlockA block of fluid
 CFluidChunkA chunk of fluid blocks for rendering
 CFluidDynamicsFluid physics system
 CFluidRendererRenders the fluid simulation in a texture
 CGridSelectorImageSetterSets the image of the GridSelector
 CLightSystemA basic 2D block lighting system
 COSDControllerController for the OSD
 CSerializationSerializes terrain data for saving and loading
 CTerrainDataBase class for procedurally generating world block data
 CWorldThe 2D procedurally generated world of blocks
 CWorldCustomInspectorCustom inspector for the World
 CWorldDataBlock data to be saved to file
 CWorldInputHandlerExample** Handles input for the World Modifier
 CWorldModifierControls modification of the World.Instance